Monday, October 28, 2013

I tried to think of a clever hook line for this email, but i couldn't think of anything so.....Sassy sister healy is here to give you an update on this past week in good ol' Scottsdale!

My great companion sister fairbanks and I departed ways on Wednesday and now I have two new companions, sister alexander and sister fisher. Sister alexander is this sweet, tiny little, curly-haired blonde from Virginia and Sister Fisher is a slightly awkward, but great sister from Canada (who took creative liberties and drew me as a horse yesterday. yes, i'm a horse).

  I'm still covering all the less-actives and investigators that I taught before and so it's kind of strange now because essentially I'm doing all the planning each morning and night ALONE. I go on splits all the time too because sister A and sister F still teach who they had been teaching prior, as do I... so I feel like a solo missionary which is interesting! 

On Wednesday, Elder Teh of the Seventy came to our mission and gave us a training and gave a number of different talks as did the stake presidents and mission presidents. President Sweeney, at the end of the day, provided 6 missionaries with the opportunity to speak one on one with Elder Teh and I WAS CHOSEN TO BE ONE OF THE 6. IT WAS SO EXCITING. I think he chose me mainly because I'm (a bit too) confident at times so during Elder Teh's training, I put my MTC memorization of scriptures and quotes to good use and kept answering the questions that he had for us:) Anyway it was great!

We also had great progress with our investigators Megan (the Jew) and Orrin (the Baptist)! The Barron family who has been inactive for over 5 years came to the Halloween party and then to church this sunday! And the husband and wife committed to preparing to return to the temple. CHUCHING!!! We are also teaching a man named Paul, he is this big African-american guy who used to be a member of the baptist church, but says that that church just no longer felt right to him. Anyway,  I had my first lesson with him and at the end of it I asked him if he would be willing to be baptized.... AND THE MAN SAID YES. YES. YES. I was pretty shocked when he said that and then kind of stared at him dumbfounded, so great.

Last little thing, at the ward halloween party on saturday the primary presidency thought it would be HILARIOUS to put us sisters in charge of the kissing booth. yes you heard that right. So we gave kisses out to everyone (they were on a rubber stamp I promise). Definitely the most popular station.

Have a great week and just know that there are so many great missionary opportunities everyday, where we can share what we believe in and serve others. Great scripture that I COMMIT you all to read: D&C 100:5-8. Love you all!

Sassy Sister Healy  

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