Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Well HELLO EVERYONE! Crazy to say it but, its officially been a month. STILL IN SHOCK. This past week here at the MTC has been great, and time seriously feels like it's passing faster and faster each day. At the beginning of last week, one of the elders in our district was just slightly ill, but by the end of last week there was a FULL BLOWN INFLUENZA in district 14. I'm not kidding, people were coughing, and hacking, and other germ infested things... I was scared. I even took the extra precaution of wiping hand sanitizer all over my desk every hour. and it worked! I SURVIVED.
                  As far as the language goes, I can feel myself becoming more comfortable day by day. Though I am having a bit of a struggle with verb conjugations, I know that it will come with time... I mean at least a sister can hope.. right! haha. 
             This past sunday we had a really great experience.  Our district president, President Jackson, when he was in his 20s served his mission in Sao Paulo Brazil.  He met and eventually baptized this young woman who lived there at the time, her name was Seria Makua.  About 30 years after serving his mission there, he was called to serve as mission president in a different region of Brazil with his wife.  He had long since lost contact with Seria Makua, but when a young elder with the last name of Makua was called to serve his mission under President Jackson, it was discovered that this very elder was the son of Seria Makua!!! President Jackson resumed talking to her and discovered that she and her family had moved to the US and because of her conversion in the church over 1,000 people, including children, grandchildren, and friends, had since joined the church. They came and shared their feelings and testimonies with us in the MTC and it was just an all around AMAZING EXPERIENCE. It is so astounding to see the effect of just one person's conversion. It was a reminder to me that we all have the potential to change lives for the better and that we never can truly understand the magnitude of our influence on other people. So be the best person you can and know that no matter how small, no act of kindness of faith or of generosity ever goes unnoticed. 
             No word yet on the VISA, but I'll be sure to keep y'all updated. What most likely will happen is that I will be reassigned to somewhere in the United States until my visa comes in. So pretty much, I have NO IDEA where I will be in 2 weeks time, but it's all good!! Other side note-- I'm going to break the mile record this week and get my name in gold on that wall. YAHOO.
 Love you all and hope you have a fantastic week, because YOU ARE FANTASTIC.
Until we meet again,

Sister Healy  
 Morgan and her companion with their new door signage
 Fellow missionaries

Outdoor break to escape the germ-fest classroom :)