Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello All! Another week, more mission drama.  This weekend was probably the best yet because Orrin was FINALLY baptized and confirmed. It was the cutest thing ever. Originally after he had committed to be baptized on November 16th he told me that he only wanted it to be me, him, and Brother Stephenson (the man who fellow shipped him) at his baptism. That's it. Just three people..... My response to that was: "uhhh yeah, no. We are inviting the whole ward." Which we did, and a ton of people showed up.  When Orrin was in the baptismal font, about to be baptized, he started crying like a little baby. I started crying too and so did my old companion Sister Fairbanks. BEST TEARS EVER. I was able to give a talk, as well as his good friend Melody.. and Orrin gave a talk too. He mainly just bore his testimony and it was so great because even our Bishop, WHO NEVER CRIES, started tearing up. Priceless.  Orrin is going to receive the Aaronic priesthood this next weekend.  

I've been having some health problems, mainly just terrible headaches which have been getting progressively worse over the past two months. But I was able to finally see a Neurologist and I will be getting an MRI this Wednesday. So hopefully that helps.

hmm... Transfers are coming up and I am praying that me and my two other companions can stay together. My companion got grounded from driving because she hit a pole (don't ask me how) and so I was given the keys to the car:) let's just say... Scottsdale is not the same. Anyway, our two sibling investigators Sam and Wesley are getting baptized this Sunday which is exciting.

Love you all, have a great great week! 

sister healy