Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy November! Here's the latest from Morgan. Pictures are posted on her blog:


And.... IT'S NOVEMBER. another week has passed here in scottsdale and we had some great peaks and a few pits this week.

I'll start with the saddish stuff, Hattie is being a bit of a pill and is impossible to contact at this point. We know that she really does want to be baptized but I'm not so certain about her willingness to committ fully to gospel principles... so we will see what happens with her this next week.

We did have a couple miracles this week. I'll start with the best one. So as I HOPE you all remember we have been teaching a man named Orrin Billy ( he used to be a baptist and his dad is a hard-core, Mormon-hating pastor)... anyways we have been teaching him the past 2 months and extended an invitation for him to be baptized about 5 weeks ago. He told us that he would pray about it... and he did... for the past 5 weeks... well yesterday I was sitting next to him in sacrament meeting and I of course was blabbing on and on about something (honestly don't even remember exactly what) but then there was a pause in the conversation and he just looks at me and says "So i want to be baptized". I kind of looked at him in shock for a second because IT JUST DIDN'T SEEM REAL. I then pulled myself together and asked him when. We've set the date for November 16th! SO SO EXCITED.

Also a less active that we have been working with since i got here committed to prepare to go to the temple and take out his endowment and become worthy to recieve the Melchizedek priesthood! that was also so exciting.  

SO FUNNY. due to the fact that we are now in a car, we are limited on how many miles we can drive a month... we have exactly 1000 miles a month to use. anyway, last week we ran out of miles and had to use the bikes and can i just say... it was probably THE FUNNIEST THING seeing us three sister missionaries biking down the street. Sister F and A HATE THE BIKES, actually they both started crying after the first day of using them... so that was an experience to say the least.
Still don't know how sister fairbanks and i survived that first transfer together as newbies; fresh out of the mtc with no trainer, crappy bikes, and absolutely no idea what to do at first. the fact that i'm still alive & kicking is in itself a miracle.

Love you all! have a great week. all my love,

sister healy
 Halloween party with families from the stake.  Morgan ran into the Forkners!!!!
Ward baptism
The sisters looking oh so disguised.
Happy Halloween.