Monday, October 21, 2013


BECAUSE its past mid-october, you know what that means..... IT'S CHRISTMAS MUSIC TIME. you should hear me singing on my bike, it's just glorious. i know the residents of scottsdale really look forward to it! This week we had more less active/recent convert lessons than ever before, as well as more investigator lessons than ever before, so that was GREAT. my companion is getting transferred this wednesday to serve in the papago zone of arizona on the native american reservation. Word on the missionary street is that the native americans feed the missionaries dead dog on special occasions, so that should be interesting for her haha! I'm still staying in the scottsdale tempe area of arizona, now working with two other sisters in a tri companionship until the next transfer. Yes we are still waiting on the visas.
quick update on this week: hattie is still struggling with the WOW (word of wisdom) so we pushed her baptism back a few weeks so that she can get things into check.  Another one of our investigators, Megan,  wants to committ to baptism but feels like she needs to be perfect before she committs.... MAGIC IS GOING TO HAPPEN WITH HER THIS WEEK. i can feel it.  our work with the less active families is also going really well. One family who hasn't been to church in at least 5 years came this sunday; which was exciting. we're going to help them prepare to go to the temple.
This week we are having what's called "mission tour" which just means that a member of the Quorum of the 70 is going to come in and teach and train us; which should be pretty cool! The mission president said that on halloween we are supposed to go in at 6pm; so my comp and i were thinking of just being super creative and throwing candy at people from our apartment balcony with the card attached. we think that will really get the message across! haha.
The weather is beautiful here. the other day I actually said i was cold when it was 60 degrees! which is wrong i know. WHAT HAS ARIZONA DONE TO ME.
found a new favorite scripture this week in D&C 78:17-18. SO PLEASE LOOK IT UP and apply it to your lives.
Love you all so so much! Have an amazing week and know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.
Sassy sister healy
with member of ward; super sweet lady

at the temple with her comp
Additional stories:
so we have been teaching this less active for a while who went inactive when he was 18. He never believed in the church he said and thought it was just something that people used to fill that "void" they have in their hearts... that void can be filled with other things like their job, money, community service, ect. anyways, in the past missionaries have tried to visit him but he has always rejected them. well we have not only gotten in his house, but we've been teaching him about the restoration and he actually is softening, its pretty great. he's single in his mid thirties and he is becoming a changed man which is super exciting:)!
Morgan wrote a few other funny stories in her letter home, but I'll include those another day.

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