Monday, September 23, 2013

Well hello everyone! yet another week has passed here in arizona, and who knows how many more are to come. no word yet on the visa. keep your fingers crossed!
I'll just start with another embarrassing (yes, involving the BIKE) experience from this past week and then get to the good stuff...
Well on saturday my companion and i were biking to a lesson and due to the fact that we are always late, we were biking our hearts out (skirts and all). One of the mission rules is that if you are biking you need to be biking on the sidewalk. So... we crossed the street and I notice that on the sidewalk that I'm supposed to bike up onto, there is this big wire real estate sign that is pretty much in the middle of the sidewalk. well... this inner missionary voice inside of me screams" BE EXACTLY OBEDIENT" so disregarding common sense I reason that I can probably bike inbetween the sign and the giant pole with no problem. BIG MISCALCULATION. I attempt to squeeze by the sign on my bike, turn the handle bars, run straight into the giant traffic pole, the tip over and fall into the street. At this point all of the cars stop, and just stare. I'm laying there on the blazing asphalt a little stunned.... and then as I continue to lay there...  everyone continues to stare. Eventually I get over myself, get up and see that my handle bars are all bent now. Well two of the cars that saw this great fall (catastrophe) pull over and offer to help. One of the men who offered to help actually gave us his address and I'm thinking we're going to drop by there this week and share a message with him:) so hey maybe I was supposed to crash and look like a fool for a reason??
Highlights this week:
Hattie came to church with us this Sunday for the first time and she loved it! there are legitimately no girls in the ward her age, but she still had a great time. Last week we hardly got to meet with her, so this is the week we are committing her to baptism. IT'S HAPPENING AND I'M SO EXCITED. what else, we have a number of new investigators now, one whose name is nathan and he's about 20.  He is wicked intelligent and knows a TON about the church already so teaching him has been a glorious struggle. We also had a really neat experience with a man named Brent Moody. He hasn't been to church in years, but we had a lesson with him and he pretty much told us his whole life story. He had been addicted to cocaine and alcohol for years, finally cleaned himself up 6 years ago, and then 3 years ago got into a terrible bike accident and became paralyzed from the waist down. It is so amazing to see that from that experience he drew strength rather than anger or resentment and turned to God more than he ever had before.  He came to church with us on Sunday and we're going to teach Hattie at his house now... (his house is literally a jungle. SO COOL.)
I hope you all have a great week. Keep working hard and doing what's right. Love your favorite missionary EVER, (good thing she's maintaining her humility :)
Sister Healy

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