Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hello everyone! Just another sunny monday morning in Scottsdale. this week was a whirlwind to say the least.  Where to begin...
Well let's start with the AMAZING NEWS. We now have 5 scheduled baptisms in the next 3 weeks. Yes, we had 1 and now we have 5. SO EXCITED. Orrin is going to baptized this saturday, and let's just say I've really taken the reigns on this one. I made sure to individually call every member of the ward council (Relief society prez, Elders Quorum prez, ect.) and made them promise me (literally I made them verbally promise me) that they would announce orrins baptism in each of their meetings. I even stood up in the third hour and announced it again... so the whole ward better show up to his baptism. or else. The other people we have on date are: Wes and Sam Louis (11,13 year olds whose mom recently started coming back to church), Steve Rhoads (this super swanky man in his early 60's, looks like a stake president, just saying), and finally good old Paul Dewitt. Paul, like Orrin has a baptist background and actually used to be a minister himself. He had a falling out with the baptist faith when the Reverend above him started doing some things that were morally not right. we had a great lesson with Paul yesterday and he committed to be baptized. So Im SO SO excited because we are leading our zone in baptisms now. YIPPEE.  
Other things this week: hmm, well I share a more than awkward experience haha. We were trying to contact this woman who is less active. We showed up at her house after eating the classic dinner which includes potato salad, and beans of some sort.  Well that food never sits well in the stomach of sister fisher, so mid conversation, as we are talking to this woman on her porch, sister fisher just rips one. and i mean rips one. we all kind of just stood there.... not knowing what to say. the woman says "well mother nature calls to us all." let's just say that was probably one of the funniest experiences of my life. seriously. so funny. sister fisher is just classic. 
Now on a more serious note: 
 I've decided that because we leave commitments with our investigators and less actives every appointment, I should do the same with all of you. So this week, I commit all of ya'll ( the amazing people who read these GREAT emails) to write down three things that you are grateful for everyday. I promise that if you do so, you will really see how lucky and blessed you are:) have a great week and know I love and care for you all.
love your fave,
sister healy 

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