Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Yet another week has past, and this one we've had some pretty CRAZY experiences. So let's get to it:
1. Hattie is getting baptized on October 26th. YAYAY!
2. Two Pdays ago after writing our emails we went to taco bell (like we always do, don't judge) and we talked to this man who worked there. When we got to talking he told us that he had been taught lessons by some missionaries a while back but had moved and lost contact with them. Well we jumped right on that and we got his informationa and called it into the mission offfice so that he could get set up with some missionaries. Well guess what, we saw him the other day and because we set him up with those missionaries, he is getting baptized soon!! MIRACLE.
3. We crashed a bible study session ( yes thats right). We were looking for this less active wandering around the apartment building... and we see this group of black folks (it just sounds more legit when i include that) studying the bible together. well we go up to them introduce ourselves and then get into conversation about the Book of Mormon. I shared the story of Ammon in alma 26 and then testified of Christ. it was great! they invited us to come back again!
4. In sacrament I bore my testimony and sort of mentioned the many struggles i've had with my bike... well the bishop came up to me right after sacrament and said that he would fix it... AND HE DID.
5. We taught a LA(less active) family this week who hasn't been to church in years. we focused the lesson on the restoration and their two boys were just eating it up!!! it was great. anyways, the wife calls us a couple days later and says that her son had show & tell at school and that he brought the book of mormon (which he had just learned about in our lesson) and told his whole class about it. He said that he had prayed about just like we had told him to and he had recieved an answer from God. SO CUTE.
So much more happened this week, but these were just some good experiences.  Just want to say that I love you all that I'm so gratetful for this church and for the knowledge I have of the plan of salvation. thank you for all you do for me:)  Keep up all the good work and keep doing your best.
sister healy

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