Tuesday, July 23, 2013

HELLO EVERYONE, Commo Vai?!!!! IT'S OFFICIAL, I'VE SURVIVED MY FIRST WEEK IN THE MTC... Miracles really do happen ha ha. So how are you all doing? Here in the MTC things are great, though it does seem as though I've been here for eons when in reality its only been 6 days.  Let me first start out by saying I've NEVER seen so many mormons in my life... It's cray.  Every where you walk there are literally hordes of white shirted elders and not so white skirted sisters speaking, or attempting to speak Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, French... any language you name, its here. I'm still trying to decide exactly how I want to organize these FANTASTIC AND INSPIRATIONAL EMAILS I'll be sending out but I think this week I'll just share some highlights and lowlights that happened each day!
So, last Wednesday when Candace and my mother dropped me off here at the MTC, let me just say that I felt like I was in shock, so many smiling mormon faces EVERYWHERE.. it was insane, but the good kind of insane of course. I was immediately herded along to my room and then to the tiny room, that's literally the size of 2 bathroom stalls where me and the 13 other people in my district will be studying for the next 6 weeks.  I met my companion, or more like was smashed against my companion as soon as I entered the room haha. Her name is sister miller and she is from Colorado Springs. She's almost 22 and she's a sweetheart.  There are 6 sisters and 8 elders in total in my district and a majority of us are from Texas, California, and Georgia... random, I know! Anyways everyone in my district is great, especially the sisters. Sister Haueter (the coolest ginger you'll ever meet) and I are definitely the sassiest of the group and we hit it off right off the bat!! Last Wednesday was honestly the LONGEST DAY OF MY LIFE, mainly because it was just so overwhelming. 
Since being here I've really realized how grateful I am that all of ya'll are in my life!!! Seriously, you guys are the best!
Okay, sorry, continuing on... probably the most awkward thing about last Wednesday was in the big orientation meeting we had. My district sat in the first row and the MTC president and his wife were up sitting in the chairs looking out at all of us... suffice it to say the MTC president's wife, whose name I have forgotten, kept looking at me and then she whispered something to the women next to her. As everyone else was singng she came down  from the podium and motioned for me and my comp to follow her outside. We did.. and she then told me that my shirt was not appropriate mission attire. DEFINITELY THE MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT OF MY LIFE. ever. ever. ever. ever. SO YEAH... now I am the most mission appropriate sister you'll ever see. Not about to have the wrath of the MTC president's wife come down on my again. LESSON LEARNED.
So far its been amazing to see how all the other missionaries are so strong in the church and how much they love me... for some reason teh thing on the computer just said me allotted time is almost up, which doesn't make sense but I guess I'll just close for my first week. I've really learned here that though things have been difficult, especially getting up SUPER EARLY (5:45am), I have so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to. AND SO DO ALL OF YOU. Life is a great thing that is meant to be endured but mainly enjoyed. the MTC has taught me that in full. I LOVE YALL LIKE CRAZY AND I WILL HAVE PLENTY MORE EMBARRASING STORIES TO SHARE IN THE WEEKS AHEAD. Don't you worry. Have a fantastic week!
Sister Healy

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